Sports Supplements

Whey protein concentrate provides a full spectrum of amino acids (the building blocks for proteins) and lipids (fats) that your body can readily absorb & use for muscle recovery & lean muscle gain.


Hair, Skin & Teeth

FusionĀ® Health Hair, Skin & Nails has been specially formulated to provide nutrients that promote healthy hair growth, nourish the nails and support skin health.


Health Food

Vital Greens Powder promotes the acid/alkaline balance in the body and due to it's powdered form, it allows for maximum absorption and bio-availability of nutrients once ingested.


Featured Products

Creating Better Autonomy Through Balance

  • Fusion Health Hair Tonic 120 Capsules $40
  • Vital Greens 1kg $129.95
  • Fusion iBCAA $69.95
  • Healthy Care Wild Krill Oil 1000mg $34.95
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